June 20, 2024

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12th grade national exam

Tigray Education Agency Announced 12th Grade National Exam

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The Education Quality Agency of the Tigray region has announced that they are supporting over 53,000 students who are taking the 12th-grade national exam to help them prepare adequately. According to Dr. Tadese Kahsai, the director of the regional education quality agency, the 12th-grade national exam is set to take place on July 3, 2016 (Ethiopian Calendar).

To help the examinees in the region get ready for the exam, the agency is providing tutorial classes to all the students who will be sitting for the 12th National Examination.

The director of the regional education quality agency also mentioned that there are 53,000 candidates registered for the exam, with all registrations completed through a digital system.

The exam is being prepared for publication, and the same software used for registration will also be used for correction. For the first time, the registration process for the examinees was automated using software.

To accommodate the damaged schools, the education office is exploring the option of conducting exams online at various universities in the region, working closely with students and universities.

Last week, the Ethiopian National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency announced that the twelfth-grade examination, which will be held online for the first time, will be conducted on computers provided by the government. However, students can bring their personal computers too. Some parents complained that they had been told to provide computers for the exam. However, the examination authority announced that it did not send any message that all students will have to bring their personal computers. Read More…

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