June 20, 2024

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Nib Bank

Nib Bank Fires More than 10 Management Members

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Nib Bank has decided to dismiss more than ten management members. More than ten senior management members, including those who have been serving as Chief Officer and Vice President of NIB International Bank, have been dismissed.

It is being said by the bank authorities that 10 senior managers, who have been serving in the bank for many years, have resigned due to a decision made in connection with the reforms.

At a meeting of the board of directors, the board members analyzed an investigative report about the performance of these officials. After that the board decided to fire them. In the letter decided by the board and signed by the new chief executive of the bank, Ms. Bhosal (Dr.), the managers who were dismissed from their jobs, were ordered to hand over the bank’s property in their hands. According to the information, Melkamu Solomon, who has been serving as acting CEO since the new NIB International Bank Board took over, is one of the top executives who has been fired.

Recently, an investigation conducted by the National Bank of Ethiopia on Nib Bank revealed that the former board and the management of the bank contributed significantly to the current failure of the bank. According to the findings of the external audit of the bank, it was recommended that it would not be appropriate for these people to continue as the top management of the bank. Those who have been fired were informed that they were to be dismissed from their jobs.

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