December 3, 2023

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Ethiopian PM Abiy says war is over, tells TPLF members to surrender

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmad has appeared on another battlefront. In his video message, broadcast on state media, he has called upon fighters of Tigray People’s Liberation Front and other armed groups to surrender. He claims that war is over.

Video message by Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmad

In the video message, he was seen pointing towards a strategic place called Gashena town. He claims that his forces are about to take control of Gashena town. Gashena is a strategic town in the North Wollo zone of the Amhara region. Tigray forces have been in control of Gashena town for more than 2 months.

He is claiming that his forces have made major gains and the Ethiopian National Defence Force is about to launch the final phase of the war.

Four days ago, he made his 1st battlefield appearance in the Afar region of Ethiopia where he claimed that his forces were about to capture Chifra town of the Afar region. After his announcement, Ethiopian Federal Forces and Afar militias did take control of Chifra town and Tigray forces were pushed out of almost the entire Afar region.