June 20, 2024

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Ethiopia Federal & Amhara forces advance towards Gashena town

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Ethiopian Federal and Amhara forces are advancing towards Gashena town. Gashena town is situated in the North Wollo region of Ethiopia. Tigray forces have been in control of Gashena for more than 3 months.


Large reinforcements of Amhara forces and militias have been seen heading towards Gashena town from Debre Tabor and Nefas Mewcha.

Ethiopian government-backed activists are claiming that ENDF and Amhara forces are in Gashena but the claim has not been visually confirmed so far. Gashena has been the scene of several previous bouts of heavy fighting between Tigray forces and Amhara regional forces. But despite several attacks from the west, Tigray forces managed to remain in control of this strategic town. Can ENDF & Amhara forces retake Gashena as is being claimed by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad?