July 19, 2024

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Prime Minister Ethiopia Abiy

Ethiopian PM Abiy defends his decision of suspension of military operation in Tigray

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Ethiopian Prime Minister, an hour ago, released a statement to defend his decision regarding suspension of military operations in Tigray. Yesterday Ethiopian Federal Government announced that it had directed its forces to stop and not to advance into Tigray.

In today’s statement, Prime Minister Abiy justified his decision by telling his support base that his decision was not based on emotions. Rather it was based on lasting benefits. He said that in November 2020 when Ethiopian Federal Forces entered Tigray region, locals, intitially invited Federal Forces, later turned against them and stabbed them in the back by carrying out attacks against them. He warned that similar situation could develop if federal forces enter Tigray now.

Prime Minister Ethiopia Abiy
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmad

In the statement, he said that as Tigray fighters had been pushed out of Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia, 1st phase of military operation was over. But federal and regional forces will remain deployed in their positions and watch developments in Tigray carefully. He warned that government forces could re enter Tigray anytime if Tigray People’s Liberation Front tried to launch attacks.

Why is Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad defending his decision? Ethiopian Federal Communication Ministry today released a similar statement in an attempt to defend PM Abiy’s decision.

Since the announcement by Ethiopian Federal government of suspension of military operations, some Amhara news sources have been criticising this decision. The news sources are accusing PM Abiy of taking this important decision unilaterally without taking Ethiopian parliament and regional governments on board.

Will Eritrean government led by long time ruler Isaias Afwerki back PM Abiy’s decision not to enter Tigray?