June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmad says his forces will take control of Kombolcha, Bati & Kamisee towns by tomorrow

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Ethiopian Prime Minister appeared on another battlefront today. This was his third battlefield appearance. He was seen somewhere close to Degolo town in the South Wollo zone of the Amhara region. Earlier he made his appearances near Kasa Gita village in the Afar region and near Gashena town in the North Wollo zone of the Amhara region.


He addressed his forces near Degolo town and claimed that by tomorrow Ethiopian government forces would take control of Bati, Kombolcha, and Kamisee towns. Bati and Kombolcha cities are in the south Wollo zone and Kamise is on the border of the Oromia Special zone and North Shewa zone of the Amhara region.

He claimed that enemy forces had been defeated and dispersed. He further said that Tigray forces would have to return what they were looting.

According to some sources, some units of Tigray forces were seen retreating from Bati and Kamisee towards Kombolcha city yesterday. Tigray forces have been in control of Kombolcha town for more than a month now. It is very likely that in the coming days Tigray fighters could withdraw from Kamisee, Bati, and Kombolcha towns like they retreated from Lalibela city yesterday.