June 19, 2024

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Ethiopian PM

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmad departs for the battlefront

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Ethiopian PM

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmad has reportedly departed for the battlefront. His pictures showing his departure in a vehicle is being shared on social media platforms. Last night, he announced to lead his forces from the front.

Since November 2021, a deadly civil war has been going on in Ethiopia between Ethiopian Federal Forces and Tigray Regional Forces. Tigray Regional Force along with its ally Oromo Liberation Army have made rapid gains within the past few days.

Last night Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad announced to join his forces on the battlefield. Since then some other Ethiopian key figures have also announced to go to the front line to stop advancing Tigray and Oromo fighters. Amhara politician Christian Tadele, Social Media activist Neamin Zeleke, athlete Feyisa Lelisa have announced to join PM Abiy Ahmad in the battleground.