June 20, 2024

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Karayu Oromo elder

Ethiopian MP accuses police of having killed Karrayyu Oromo elders

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An Ethiopian member of parliament has accused police of having killed Karrayyu Oromo elders. At the end of last month, more than a dozen Karrayyu Oromo elders were killed in Eastern Shewa zone of Oromia region. Oromia regional government accused an armed group, Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) of being behind the killings.

But Oda Tarbii, spokesperson of Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), rejected government allegations. He accused Oromia regional police of having killed Oromo Karrayyu elders.

Now a video clip of a sitting member of parliament is being shared in which he can be heard accusing Oromia Regional Police of killing the Karrayyu elders. Hangasa Ahmad Ibrahim is a member parliament and a member of Prosperity Party which is ruling party in Oromia region and on Federal level too.

Video clip of Hangasa Ahmad Ibrahim, MP of Prosperity Party

In the video clip, Hangasa Ahmad Ibrahim can be heard saying that on the 22nd November 2021, Oromia regional police arrested 18 Oromo Karrayyu Abbaa Gadaas. Two of them managed to escape. Remaining 16 were not taken to any court. Rather their dead bodies were found later. Hangasa Ahmad Ibrahim is accusing Oromia Regional Police of having killed the Karayu Oromo elders.