April 16, 2024

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Ethiopian Military Launches Major Operation Against Fano Fighters

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Today, the Ethiopian military has initiated a significant operation against Fano Fighters, resulting in the blockade of a crucial main road. The Ethiopian military command post has officially announced the halt of any transportation activities from Dessie to Shoa Robit to Debre Birhan. This means that the road from Dessie to Debre Birhan is currently inaccessible. Dessie is in the South Wolo Zone, while Shoa Robit and Debre Birhan are in the North Shoa Zone of the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

The military operation appears strategically conducted from Dessie to Debre Birhan, with the primary road closure aimed at impeding the Fano Fighters’ movement. The military, however, has not specified the duration of the road closure, indicating the magnitude of the ongoing operation.

Fano Fighters, known for their aspirations to reach Addis Ababa, would likely use this road for their advancement. The military’s move to block this route suggests a proactive effort to prevent a potential clash between Fano Fighters and OLA (Oromo Liberation Army). Fano Fighters have been strengthening their presence near Shoa Robit, including constructing a road nearby. Near Shoa Robit, a town is situated called Rasa. Rasa is the stronghold of Fano fighters.

This operation is not the first of its kind, as the Ethiopian military has been actively engaging Fano Fighters since May of last year. Despite their persistent efforts, no Fano Fighters’ commanders have been reported killed or captured. In contrast, Fano Fighters have targeted and eliminated Prosperity Party leaders, government officials, and police officers.

In a recent development, Fano Fighters claimed the capture of a woman whom they alleged to be a spy for the Ethiopian military. This underscores the Fano Fighters’ perceived intelligence network strength.

The question arises: Can the Ethiopian military crush Fano Fighters in this operation? How long will it last, and will any Fano Fighters’ commanders be captured or eliminated?

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