December 3, 2023

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Ethiopian government forces retake 3 towns in Amhara region

Ethiopian government forces have retaken 3 more towns from Tigray forces. The Ethiopian government’s Communication Ministry has announced that Ethiopian government soldiers have taken control of Hayk, Bisitima, and Wichale towns.

ethiopia news

The three towns are situated to the north of Dessie and Kombolchca cities from where Tigray forces withdrew 3 days ago.

Ethiopian government forces are now trying to push TDF out of Woldia city which is a major city in the North Wollo zone of the Amhara region. Rumors have been going around for the past few hours that Weldiya city has been recaptured by Ethiopian Federal troops but so far the rumors could not be verified.

It seems that Tigray forces could withdraw from Woldia city too. Tigray fighters are reportedly making defensive preparations like digging trenches and securing high places close to Kobo town.