July 14, 2024

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Ethiopian government claims major battlefield gains on 4 fronts

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Office, in a statement today, claimed Federal and Regional forces have made major gains on 4 fronts against Tigray forces.

According to the statement, Ethiopian Federal Forces and Amhara regional forces have retaken strategic Gashena town in North Wollo zone Amhara. Arbit and Debeko towns situated to the west and north of Gashena have also come under ENDF & Amhara control.


In the South Wollo Zone of the Amhara region, Ethiopian forces have taken back Were Ilu, Genete, and Aqesta.

In the North Shewa Zone of Amhara region, Ethiopian forces claim to have retaken Shewa Robit town and Mezezo & Malale to the west of Shewa Robit have also been under the control of the Ethiopian government and regional forces.

From Chifra town of Afar region, which ENDF and Afar forces took a few days ago, Ethiopian Federal Troops have advanced towards Bati and Woldia towns. Alelu Sulula town situated to the east of Woldia and Chiftu town situated on Chifra-Bati road have come under ENDF & Afar control.

Tigray has not officially responded to all these claims. If all these claims are true, it means Tigray forces have lost some recently gained ground, and TDF’s main gains in the Amhara region i.e. Woldia, Lalibela, Sekota, Dessie and Kombolcha could be in danger too. In the coming days, fighting could reach these major towns.