July 14, 2024

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Ethiopian government forces retake Lalibela city

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Ethiopian Federal forces and Amhara Regional forces have recaptured Lalibela city in the North Wollo Zone of the Amhara region. Tigray Defence Force captured Lalibela city in August 2021. Since then Ethiopian Federal and Amhara regional forces have been trying to retake the town.


Lalibela is a historic city known for its centuries-old rock-hewn churches which are part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ethiopian government Communication Ministry has confirmed in a statement that Lalibela city has come under Ethiopian government control.

Within the last 1 week, Ethiopian Federal forces have made several battlefield gains. Tigray forces were pushed out of the Afar region last week. In the Amhara region too, Tigray forces have suffered setbacks. Earlier today Ethiopian government announced the capture of strategic Gashena town.

In Lalibela city, reportedly no fighting happened between Tigray forces and Ethiopian Federal Forces. Tigray forces have largely withdrawn from Lalibela city without any fighting inside the city.