July 19, 2024

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Ethiopian Education Ministry

Ethiopian Education Ministry Dismisses Rumors about Online Exam

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Ethiopian Education Ministry has dismissed rumors about the 12th grade national exam. It was being shared in social media since yesterday that the 12th grade national exam will not be held online.

“The online exam is not over. Fake information is being spread,” said the Ministry of Education.

Earlier the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia announced that the 2024 national exam for the completion of 12th grade will be given both online and on paper. The ministry reiterated today that the exam will be conducted both on paper and online. It urged students to continue their preparations.

“We are working together with the relevant stakeholders to make the exam a success,” the Ministry of Education said.

The Education Assessment and Examinations Service has also confirmed that the 2024 12th grade national examination will be given both online and on paper.

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