July 19, 2024

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axum university professor

Axum University Prepares for 12th Grade Exams

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Axum University has announced that it is ready to receive students who take the 12th grade exam, both online and on paper.

University President Professor Gebreyesus Berhane shared that the students will take the exam on the three campuses of the axum university.

Food, sleeping accommodations, and enough computers are ready for students who take the exam online.

21,054 12th grade students who will take the exam in the three campuses of the university have been announced as ready to be served.

Among the students who take the two rounds of the exam at the university, 10,049 are women.

Professor Gebreyesus, who stated that the exam will be held on the main campus of the university, Bashire Farm College and Referral Hospital, explained that the examinees will come from different zones of the Tigray region.

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