July 14, 2024

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Ethiopia to form National Dialogue Commission

Ethiopia to form National Dialogue Commission

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Ethiopia is to form a forum for national dialogue. Today a meeting of the Ethiopia council of ministers was chaired by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad. In the meeting, the Draft Proclamation for Formation of the National Dialogue Commission was approved.

Ethiopia to form National Dialogue Commission

The Draft Proclamation will be sent to the Ethiopian House of Representatives for approval. African Union, UN, EU, world leaders, and organizations have been calling for the start of inclusive national political dialogue to resolve Ethiopian ongoing conflict.

The Ethiopian government has not shared the terms and conditions of this new Dialogue Commission.

What remains to be seen is which groups will be invited to be part of this dialogue.

Will Tigray People’s Liberation Front and Oromo Liberation Army be invited for national dialogue? Both were banned and designated as terrorist organizations this year by the Ethiopian parliament.