December 3, 2023

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Ethiopia: Tigray forces retake historic Lalibela city in Amhara region

Ethiopia: Tigray forces have retaken historic Lalibela city in the North Wollo zone of the Amhara region. More than a week ago, Tigray forces withdrew from Lalibela city and the city came under the control of Ethiopian Federal and Amhara regional forces.

tigray news

Last night after capturing Gashena town, Tigray forces advanced and managed to reach close to Lalibela city. There was no fighting inside Lalibela city. Ethiopian National Defence Force members, Amhara regional government soldiers, and militia members started withdrawing from the city on Saturday night.

It seems that Ethiopian government forces were trying to trap Tigray forces by blocking the main Woldia-Kobo-Tigray highway. But Tigray fighters have foiled this attempt by opening alternative Gashena-Lalibela-Sekota-Tigray road.