June 20, 2024

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Ethiopia OLA

Ethiopia: Dozens of OLA fighters have surrendered, says OPP

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Ethiopia OLA

Dozens of fighters of an armed group have surrendered in western Ethiopia, claims Oromia Prosperity Party (OPP). The armed group, called Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), has been operating in the Oromia region of Ethiopia for decades.

Two weeks ago, Ethiopia launched a military operation against OLA. Oromia regional forces and Ethiopian federal forces are conducting this operation. Regional forces from the neighboring regions like Sidama, Somali region, Southern Nations Nationalities & People’s region, Afar, and Gambela are also part of the operation. Main opposition parties in Oromia like Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) are opposing the operation. Read more..

According to Oromia Prosperity Party (OPP), a political party, the OLA fighters surrendered in the East Wellega zone. East Wellega is situated in the western part of the Oromia region. It is said to be one of the strongholds of the armed group.

67 OLA fighters have surrendered in Jimma Arjo and Nunu Qumba districts of East Wellega, claims the OPP. The OLA members surrendered to local Aba Gadas and government officials. Aba Gadas are traditional tribal elders in the Oromia region.

Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has not commented upon this claim so far. OLA-backed news sources today shared a video showing some persons in custody. The detained persons were allegedly operating as fake OLA members when they were captured by OLA members. In the video clip, reportedly recorded in Jeldu district of West Shewa, OLA members can be seen briefing the locals about fake OLA groups.

According to OLA, the fake groups are committing atrocities against civilians in the name of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) and they are formed and backed by the government to malign OLA.