July 14, 2024

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Eritrea Tells Sudanese Armed Groups to Leave Eritrean Territory

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An unexpected chapter has emerged in the unfolding narrative of East African geopolitics. Eritrea has been playing host to armed groups from Sudan. Eriteria vowed neutrality in the Sudanese civil war last year when fighting broke out between the RSF and the Sudanese military. Later, Eritrea announced support for the Sudanese military, and Sudanese armed groups established training camps in Eritrea.

The Gathering in Eritrea

So, what’s happening? Eritrea, a country known for its unique place in the Horn of Africa, has become a meeting ground for armed groups from Sudan. They’re not just there for a casual visit; they’re being trained and prepared on Eritrean soil. Several Sudanese armed groups have been operating in Eriteria since last year. Amin Al Dawood’s People Front for Liberation and Justice and Minni Minnawi‘s Sudan Liberation Movement are two Sudanese groups that established training camps in Eritrea.

The Message to Leave

Now, here’s the twist. While the President of Eritrea is away in Egypt, a message has been sent to these groups, almost like a note slipped under the door, telling them to close down their training camps and leave Eritrea. It’s akin to asking guests to pack up and go, but the reasons behind this move are still mysterious.

Deciphering Eritrea’s Motivation

Why would Eritrea suddenly ask these armed groups to leave? One possible explanation could be that Eritrea no longer sees these groups, particularly the Rapid Support Forces, as a threat. Or maybe, and here’s where it gets interesting, other countries have influenced Eritrea’s decision. It’s like neighbors advising who you should or shouldn’t have over for dinner.

UAE’s Influence and Investments

Recent developments show that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) invests heavily in Egypt. This investment has sparked renewed ties between Egypt and the UAE. UAE backs Sundans RSF, and Egypt and Eritrea back the Sudanese military. The New Egypt UAE alliance could upset the Eriteria-Sudanese Military alliance.

The Unraveling Drama

As this geopolitical drama continues to unfold, Eritrea is at the center stage, hosting and then asking armed groups to leave. It’s like a plot twist in a story where alliances, friendships, and regional dynamics constantly shift. We’ll be watching closely as this chapter develops, eager to understand the motivations behind Eritrea’s decisions and how these moves influence the broader narrative in the Horn of Africa. Stay tuned for more updates on this intriguing tale of political chess.

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