December 3, 2023

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Dessie, Kombolcha & Bati recaptured by Ethiopian army

Dessie, Kombolcha, and Bati cities have been recaptured by Ethiopian government forces. The 3 cities remained under the control of Tigray forces for more than a month. Ethiopian Prime Minister office also confirmed a short while ago that Dessie, Kombolcha & Bati had come under government control.

ethiopia news

Within the past 10 days, Ethiopian government forces have secured several battlefield gains against Tigray forces. Tigray forces have been pushed out of all their gains in the Afar region. Tigray forces have lost the major part of their territorial gains in the Amhara region too.

While Tigray forces are withdrawing back Tigray, the Ethiopian air force is continuing drone strikes on Tigray capital Mekelle where yesterday a drone strike was conducted.

So far Ethiopian government and Regional forces are not blocking the withdrawal of Tigray forces. Only one drone strike was conducted in Dessie on retreating soldiers of Tigray forces last night.

How far will Tigray forces withdraw from the Amhara region? It remains to be seen. It seems Tigray forces could withdraw up to Woldia, Kobo or Alamata towns.