December 3, 2023

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Tigray news

Ethiopia: Tigray issues a statement about independence

Ethiopia: Tigray Communication Bureau has issued a statement about independence/self-rule. Yesterday several key developments happened in the ongoing Ethiopia-Tigray war. Tigray forces left Dessie, Kombolcha, and Bati towns towards Woldia city. After that Tigray backed news channel, DW TV issued a statement.

Tigray news

The statement says “people of Tigray have been fighting for centuries to exercise their right to self-determination and no force on earth can stop Tigray from holding a referendum for self-rule/independence”

Is Tigray moving towards secession? Voices for secession have been getting louder in Tigray since the start of the Ethiopia-Tigray war. But overall opinion was split between pro-independence and anti-independence camps. Now after recent battlefield losses, pro-independence voices are likely to gain more acceptance among common Tigrayans.