July 19, 2024

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Access Bank

Access Bank Acquires National Bank of Kenya for $100 million

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Access Bank, one of Nigeria’s largest financial institutions, has finalized its acquisition of National Bank of Kenya (NBK). This landmark deal marks a strategic move by Access Bank to expand its footprint in the East African market.

The acquisition, which has been in the making for some time, underscores Access Bank’s commitment to becoming one of Africa’s leading financial powerhouses. With a presence in several African countries and a strong track record of innovation and customer-centric services, Access Bank’s foray into Kenya signifies a strategic expansion into one of the continent’s most dynamic economies.

National Bank of Kenya presents an attractive opportunity for Access Bank to establish a solid foothold in the region. Founded in 1968, NBK has been a key player in Kenya’s banking sector, offering a wide range of banking products and services to individuals, businesses, and government institutions.

Access Bank will acquire the NBK from KCB Group for 1.25x of the bank’s book, according to the company. Keeping in view National Bank of Kenya’s book value of $79.77 million in 2023, the deal values NBK at around $100 million. However the final acquisition figure could be different. Access Bank bought Transnational Bank in 2020, followed by its purchase of 83% of Sidian Bank in 2022.

The acquisition brings several benefits for both Access Bank and National Bank of Kenya. For Access Bank, it provides immediate access to Kenya’s vibrant market, enabling the bank to offer its innovative products and services to a broader customer base. This move aligns with Access Bank’s overarching strategy of expanding its presence across Africa and diversifying its revenue streams.

However, regulatory approval and compliance with relevant laws and regulations in both Nigeria and Kenya are essential prerequisites for the successful completion of the acquisition. Access Bank must navigate the regulatory landscape diligently, ensuring adherence to all requirements and obtaining the necessary approvals from regulatory authorities.

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