July 19, 2024

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Natural Gas reserves in Ethiopia

21.3 Billion Cubic Meters of Natural Gas Discovered in Ethiopia

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The Ethiopian Ministry of Mines announced the discovery of substantial natural gas reserves in the Ogaden region. According to the Ethiopian Minister, Million Mathewos, a comprehensive survey involving the drilling of 19 wells in the region has confirmed the presence of approximately 21.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

“Extensive work has been done to utilize the resources in the Ogaden area of the Somali state in a proper manner, and it has been confirmed that there are other mineral resources in the area,” Million Mathewos said.

The natural gas reserves can provide a new source of energy for domestic consumption and potentially for export. This can reduce Ethiopia’s reliance on imported oil and gas.

Moreover, he said, “We are working to bring the newly discovered natural gas into production as early as next year. While some resource exploration projects can take years, we are confident of achieving success in a shorter timeframe here.”

Additionally, Ethiopia is known to possess significant oil and natural gas reserves across six distinct regions, including Ogaden, Mekele, Metema, South Omo, and Gambella.

The development of the natural gas sector can create new job opportunities in the energy industry, contributing to economic growth and poverty reduction. The presence of natural gas in Ethiopia has the potential to significantly contribute to Ethiopia’s economic growth, energy security, and job creation. However, it must be managed in a way that balances these benefits with environmental and social concerns.

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