July 19, 2024

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Model Science and Technology Library

Unfinished Model Science and Technology Library Project Costs 43M

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The Ministry of Innovation and Technology has incurred significant expenses, exceeding 43 million birr, due to the non-completion of the “Model Science and Technology Library” project. The project, known as the “Science Cafe,” was intended to include various facilities such as a cafeteria, pool, playground, play station, and sports hall.

However, Model Science and Technology Library project has not been completed within the scheduled time and budget, leading to additional expenses. According to the Federal Auditor General’s report, the government has been charged with these additional expenses due to the project’s delay. Despite the contract and plan outlining the project’s scope, the project has not been completed as intended, resulting in significant financial losses.

The failure to complete the Model Science and Technology Library project within the allocated budget and timeline raises concerns about the efficiency and effectiveness of the project management. It is crucial for the Ministry to conduct a thorough review of the project’s progress and identify the root causes of the delay to ensure that future projects are managed more effectively. Additionally, the Ministry should consider implementing measures to minimize the financial impact of such delays and ensure that taxpayers’ money is utilized efficiently.

Furthermore, the project’s intended purpose of promoting science and technology education and innovation in the community has not been fully realized. The lack of completion has likely hindered the project’s ability to achieve its objectives, which could have a negative impact on the community’s access to scientific resources and opportunities. Therefore, it is essential for the Ministry to prioritize the completion of the project and ensure that it is completed in a timely and cost-effective manner to achieve its intended goals.

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