July 14, 2024

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Talks for Conflict Resolution in the Amhara Region

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In recent developments in the Amhara region, talks are underway in Addis Ababa to address the ongoing conflict. The Ethiopian government, represented by Minister of Peace Khairuddin, has extended an offer for talks to groups with valid questions and concerns.

Talks Offered to Ethiopian Groups

Minister of Peace Khairuddin, the Ethiopian State Minister for Peace, announced the government’s willingness to engage in dialogue with groups having genuine questions and demands. This move follows the replacement of Taya Dandiya, who was critical of the Ethiopian Prime Minister and was subsequently imprisoned.

Consultation Forum in Addis Ababa

Simultaneously, a consultation forum organized by the US Aid and the Institute for Peace involving Ethiopian intellectuals is ongoing in Addis Ababa. Notably, Fano commanders or groups are not participating, raising questions about the sincerity of the government’s offer.

Government’s Strategy and Fano Groups

The federal government’s strategy seems to be focused on weakening Fano groups through military operations before considering talks. However, despite ongoing ground operations, Fano groups appear to be growing stronger, challenging the effectiveness of this approach.


As the situation unfolds, questions remain about how the Ethiopian government will handle the talks in the Amhara region. The lack of participation from Fano groups in the consultation forum raises doubts about the government’s sincerity. The coming days will reveal whether talks will materialize and contribute to resolving the ongoing conflict.

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