July 19, 2024

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tigray regional exams

Over 122,000 8th Grade Students of Tigray Take Regional Exams

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The Tigray region of Ethiopia is hosting regional exams for over 122,000 eighth-grade students. This three-day exam, which began today, aims to assess the students’ knowledge and skills.

The exam participants include 62,732 female students, who make up a substantial portion of the total examinees.

Dr. Tadesse Kahsay, the director of the Tigray Regional Temporary Administration Education Quality Assurance Agency, is overseeing the exam process to ensure its integrity. He has allocated a sufficient number of supervisors to monitor the exam and prevent any potential cheating or exam rigging.

The security forces are actively working to maintain a peaceful environment during the Tigray regional exams and want to safeguard the fairness of the assessment.

The students themselves have been proactive in preparing for the exam. They have participated in awareness campaigns to help them approach the exam calmly and confidently.

The education authorities are working closely with the security forces to create a conducive environment for the students to excel.

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