July 19, 2024

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Addis Ababa City Administration Bans 41 Educational Institutes

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The Addis Ababa City Administration announced that 41 educational institutes are banned. These educational institutes are not allowed to provide education for the 2025 academic year. The General Manager of the Addis Ababa City Administration Education and Training Quality Control Authority, Mr. Judge Gebru, announced this decision in a press release.

According to the statement, a total of 1,332 educational institutes are registered and granted permission to teach students in the 2025 academic year.

The press release also noted that 41 institutes reported facing problems, which were primarily due to the following reasons:

  1. Education policy violations
  2. Scoring less than 75% on education standards
  3. Improper use of the timetable

The press release emphasizes the city’s efforts to maintain quality control and ensure compliance with educational standards.

Moreover, Mr. Judge Gebru mentioned that this decision was made to ensure that children receive a quality education and are not hindered from becoming competent members of society. To minimize disruptions, students who were previously enrolled in these schools will be allowed to continue their education in nearby public and private schools without paying extra fees.

The authorities are committed to improving the education system in Addis Ababa and are working on implementing new initiatives to enhance the quality of education. This includes providing additional resources and training for teachers, as well as increasing the number of schools that meet the required standards.

Last month, the Addis Ababa City Administration announced a qualification exam for 18,591 teachers and school administrators in Addis Ababa. This exam is part of efforts to evaluate the competence and qualifications of the teaching workforce in the city. The city government says that it wants to improve the quality of education through this qualification exam.

Last year, the Addis Ababa government introduced a competency exam for all city government employees. The move met with criticism from some quarters, accusing the government of imposing the dominance of the Oromo ethnic group through such exams.

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