July 14, 2024

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Military Meetings in the Amhara Region

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Recent developments in the Amhara region spotlight crucial military meetings orchestrated by Ethiopian Military Officers. These gatherings unfold amidst ongoing military operations against Fano Fighters, and their primary objective is to secure public support for the military’s endeavors. Held in various towns, these meetings act as a bridge between the Ethiopian Military and local communities.

Brigadier General Adissu Muhammad

A notable figure present at one of these meetings was Brigadier General Addisu Muhammad, dispelling rumors circulated by certain news outlets regarding his alleged demise in an attack by Fano Fighters. General Adissuo\ Muhammad, in charge of military operations in the Gojjam and surrounding areas, took the opportunity to engage with residents of the areas around Bahir Dar. His presence confirmed his well-being and underscored the military’s commitment to transparency and communication.

Challenges and Objectives

The challenges facing the military are multifaceted. Beyond the direct conflict with Fano Fighters, a concerted effort exists to establish positive ties with local communities. Moreover, in Sekela Gojjam, Lieutenant Colonel Dibabe Abira, yesterday briefed residents on the ongoing operations in the Amhara region. The military aims to rally public support, emphasizing the significance of the mission and the necessity of cooperation from the people.

Addressing Concerns and Fostering Understanding

These meetings extend beyond mere information-sharing sessions. Moreover, they serve as a platform for addressing concerns and fostering understanding between the military and the local populace. In Kombolcha, Brigadier General Zewdu engaged with government officials, highlighting the challenges faced in protecting local government setups. The military’s dual role in combating security threats while maintaining civil order underscores the complexities of their mission.

Navigating Solidarity and Opposition

While the region expresses solidarity with Fano Fighters, the military’s outreach signals an attempt to sway public sentiment. Brigadier General Adiso Muhammad’s presence, particularly in Gojjam and its neighboring areas, demonstrates the military’s determination to connect with people directly affected by the conflict. The success of these meetings not only hinges on the military’s ability to garner support but also on their adeptness in addressing the nuanced concerns of the local population.


As these engagements continue, the military grapples with the intricate task of simultaneously fighting a physical battle against Fano Fighters and a perceptual one, striving to win the hearts and minds of the communities caught in the crossfire. The outcome of these military meetings may significantly influence the trajectory of the ongoing operations and the broader dynamics in the Amhara region.

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