July 19, 2024

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Is BBC sensationalizing the Ethiopian war?

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How factual and balanced is BBC’s reporting about the ongoing Ethiopia-Tigray war? BBC’s yesterday’s news story about potential US military intervention in Ethiopia has become a source of controversy.
BBC reported yesterday that the US military was ready to respond to the Ethiopian crisis. The headline of the news story created the impression that the United States was going to militarily intervene in Ethiopia.
A BBC report actually interviewed a US General, William Zena, stationed at Camp Lemonnier which is US military base in Djibouti. The reporter asked the General about the Ethiopian conflict. The General replied that the US army was ready to respond to the crisis, particularly in terms of threats to US diplomatic missions in Ethiopia or anywhere else in East Africa.

US General’s statement did not imply that the US was preparing to militarily intervene in Ethiopia. BBC put the interview slightly out of context in its news story which led to the controversy. In its race for more viewers & readers, international media is scrambling to cover sensational aspects of the Ethiopia-Tigray war.