July 19, 2024

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House of Peoples Representatives

House of Peoples Representatives Passes Revised Expropriation Law

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The House of Peoples Representatives has approved a revised bill on land expropriation for public use. This new law shifts key responsibilities from the federal government to regional and municipal authorities. These responsibilities include estimating and paying compensation, as well as executing expropriations.

The law also changes how disputes are handled. Local courts, not federal ones, will now resolve compensation disagreements in the areas where the projects are located.

On June 25, 2024, the House of Peoples Representatives discussed the bill’s benefits. They noted that the old law led to high federal costs and project delays.

Some lawmakers expressed concerns about regional and city governments’ ability to make compensation payments. Shewit Shanka, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Urban Infrastructure and Transport, addressed these concerns. He assured that future project budgets allocated to regions would account for these compensation needs.

The new law will apply to compensation estimates and payments made after its approval. Projects that have not yet received compensation will continue to follow the previous law.

Finally, the draft was approved as Proclamation No.1336/2016 by majority vote with 4 objections and 6 abstentions.

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