July 14, 2024

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Fano Groups Establish Mechanized Units in Ethiopia

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In this breaking news report, we delve into the evolving capabilities of Fano groups and their strategic moves towards establishing mechanized units.


Fano fighters, traditionally armed with small arms like AK-47s and pistols, have operated as small infantry units. However, recent developments suggest a shift in their strategy. Fano groups have ambitious goals, including reaching Addis Ababa‘s capital and removing Ethiopia’s Prime Minister. To achieve these objectives, they recognize the need to upgrade their capabilities.

Upgrading Capabilities

To transform Fano groups into modern fighting units with a cohesive structure, they now focus on acquiring long-range weapons and providing comprehensive training to their fighters.

Acquisition of Long-Range Weapons

Fano trainers are conducting sessions to educate fighters on the operation of new weapons. This goes beyond the basic training for AK-47s, indicating a significant upgrade in their arsenal.

Mechanized Units

The key question arises: Are Fano groups attempting to establish mechanized units? Mechanized units in military operations typically use heavy and long-range weapons, such as APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers), artillery pieces, anti-armored missiles, and more.

Recent Developments

Currently, Fano groups lack certain elements characteristic of mechanized units, such as APCs. However, recent developments suggest the acquisition of mortars. Mortars are essential components used by infantry and mechanized units, indicating a step towards establishing mechanized capabilities.

Training Initiatives

Fano trainers instruct young fighters, some under 20, on operating mortars. This underscores a concerning trend of young individuals joining armed groups, diverting from traditional educational paths.

Source of Weapons

The origin of Fano’s weaponry raises questions. There are allegations of weapons coming from the Tigray region, the Ethiopian National Defense Force, or even external sources. Accusations of weapon sales between entities add complexity to the situation.

Future Prospects

Fano groups seem determined to elevate their resistance movement. Their aspiration to capture Addis Ababa indicates a desire for continuous improvement, logistical upgrades, and the acquisition of advanced weapons.


The recent developments within Fano groups suggest a significant shift in their operational capabilities. The establishment of mechanized units, the acquisition of mortars, and the training of young fighters indicate a strategic evolution in their resistance movement.