June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian capital school

Ethnic conflict at a school in Ethiopian capital

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Addis Ababa school

An ethnic conflict at a school in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, is being reported. Angry parents broke open the doors to take out their children.

Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa serves as regional capital of the Oromia region as well as Ethiopian Federal capital. Amhara region based groups have been protesting against claims by the Oromia region that Finfinee or Addis Ababa is part of Oromia. Last week, Balderas Party issued a statement against attempts to teach Afaan Oromo language at Addis Ababa schools.

The conflict, reported today, happened at a school located in Kirkos sub city of the capital city. Biherawi Kindergarten & Prime School has been working for decades in Addis Ababa. According to some parents, school authorities hoisted Oromia regional flag in the school. The students were told to recite Oromia anthem.

The alleged move sparked anger. Parents surrounded the school premises. The school authorities did not open doors. Some parents broke open the doors and took out their children.

The parents protested against hoisting of Oromia regional flag in the school. The school falls within the jurisdiction of Addis Ababa Education Department. Addis Ababa Education Department has not released any statement in this statement so far.

Tensions have been seen between Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups on several occasions in recent months. In March during Adwa celebrations in the Ethiopian capital, some participants chanted slogans against Addis Ababa Mayor who is an Oromo. They carried flags without star sign and wore T shirts with Emperor Menelik’s pictures. Read more…

After the end of Adwa celebrations, Addis Ababa police launched a crackdown and arrested dozens including members of Balderas party led by Eskinder Nega.