July 14, 2024

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Ethiopia shows a large number of Tigrayan POWs

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Ethiopian state media today shared pictures and videos of hundreds of Tigrayan prisoners of war (POWs). Ethiopian state-backed news channels claim that Tigray fighters are surrendering en mass.

ethiopia news

Tigray forces are withdrawing from key towns in the Amhara region. Within the past few days, Tigray forces have been pushed out of most parts of the Afar region. TDF has been pushed out of Lalibela, Gashena, Shewa Robit, Ataye, Senbete, and several others towns in the Amhara region too.

Tigray forces say that they are making military adjustments for another offensive to remove Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmad from power. But Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmad claims that Tigray forces have been dispersed and defeated and they are surrendering in large numbers.