June 20, 2024

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Ethiopia News: Is PM Abiy Ahmad being sidelined?

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Ethiopia News: It is being said that mediators working to resolve the Tigray conflict, are bypassing Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad. Olusegun Obasano, appointed as a mediator by African Union to mediate the Tigray conflict, has visited Afar and Amhara regions. US envoy to the Horn of Africa, Jeffery Feltman, is said to be backing direct talks between the Ethiopian Regional government and Tigray People’s Liberation Front. Prime Minister Abiy’s control of government is becoming weak as Ethiopian Federal Forces have suffered heavy losses in the ongoing fighting against Tigray fighters.

It wouldn’t be less than breaking news from Ethiopia to say that the Regional government and forces are getting stronger and most of the decisions related to ongoing fighting are being made by Regions rather than a central government led by Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmad.