July 14, 2024

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Can Fano Groups Ever Reach Addis Ababa?

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I want to address a frequently asked question about Fano groups and their capability to reach Addis Ababa, given the changes in the Amhara region over the last 7 to 8 months.

Current Capabilities of Fano Groups

Fano groups have evolved significantly since 2022. They are now more organized, capable, and adept at employing new tactics. Despite facing heavy weapons and multi-front operations, they have survived and demonstrated resilience. Today’s Fano groups boast enhanced human resources, weaponry, training, and tactics capabilities.

Motivation and Unity

The motivation among Fano groups remains unwavering. Their shared goal is to remove the Ethiopian government and reach Addis Ababa. There is a unity of purpose across various Fano factions, such as APF, Zemene Kassi, Gondar, and Shoa groups, all seeking the ousting of the current government.

Possibility of Reaching Addis Ababa

From the government’s perspective, Fano groups and OLA are no longer national threats. However, analyzing developments neutrally, Fano groups have made considerable progress. While official positions dismiss them, recent organizational structuring on the Amhara-Oromia border indicates strategic planning.

Strategic Focus on the Amhara Region

Fano groups are currently concentrating on establishing a central structure in the Amhara region, focusing on military, political, and organizational levels. They aim to create unity at the zonal and regional levels before moving towards Addis Ababa.

Challenges and Strategies

The Ethiopian government claims Fano is no longer a national threat, but Fano groups are enhancing their presence in border areas. They are mobilizing local armed groups and focusing on guerrilla tactics to avoid vulnerability to heavy weapons, drones, and fighter jets.


While the government asserts that Fano is no longer a national threat, analyzing the situation reveals that Fano groups have increased their chances of reaching Addis Ababa. However, significant challenges lie ahead, including gaining control of the Amhara region, creating organizational unity, and addressing potential ethnic conflicts.

In summary, the Fano groups have evolved and strengthened. Still, the path to Addis Ababa remains complex and contingent on numerous factors, including political and military developments in the Amhara region.