July 14, 2024

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Amhara Fano Fighters Withdraw from Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

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The situation is unfolding in the Amhara region, particularly in the regional capital, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Earlier today, we reported on the entry of Fano fighters into Bahir Dar, confirming the news through reliable sources. Despite initial skepticism from some readers, subsequent developments have shed light on the evolving situation.

Confirmation and Verification

The initial report on Fano fighters entering Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, was met with skepticism, but we verified the information before presenting it to our audience. Through reliable sources and on-the-ground contacts, we confirmed the entry of fighters into the regional capital.

Official Statements and Reactions

The Amhara Regional Government swiftly issued an official statement, providing its perspective on the current situation. According to the government, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, and its surroundings have been cleared after the military and security forces counter-offensive. The government emphasizes supporting these forces and dismisses what it claims to be “fake news” circulating in domestic and international media.

Flight Delays and Airport Disruptions

The impact of this situation is evident in the delay and cancellation of Ethiopian Airlines flights to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Despite Fano fighters not reaching the airport, civilian flights were suspended, causing disruptions. This reflects the far-reaching consequences of the conflict, even in areas not directly engaged in combat.

Evolving Ground Situation

As of the latest update, Fano fighters have reportedly retreated from Bahir Dar. The operation, involving multiple Fano groups from different directions, targeted militia members and government officials rather than capturing the city. The Amhara Regional Government asserts control, urging citizens to support the ongoing military operation.

Unraveling the Operation

Further details emerge about the operation, revealing that the primary targets were militia camps. Fano fighters aimed to disrupt the Ethiopian National Defense Force’s plans to withdraw from the Amhara region by targeting newly trained militias. The conflict has resulted in casualties, with reports of both Fano fighters and militia members losing their lives.

Challenges and Realities

Despite government claims of scattering and dismantling Fano groups, the situation on the ground suggests otherwise. The ability of Fano fighters to infiltrate Bahir Dar demonstrates the ongoing challenges faced by the military and security forces. While they may not hold territories for extended periods, the fighters can disrupt regional affairs, showcasing their resilience.


As the situation unfolds in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, and the broader Amhara region, we remain committed to providing timely and verified updates. Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis and insights into the dynamics of this evolving conflict.