July 14, 2024

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Amhara  Fano Fighters Enter Bahir Dar

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In recent events in the Amhara region, Fano Amhara fighters have made significant strides towards the regional capital, Bahir Dar. Moreover, this development comes in the wake of a ground offensive launched by the Ethiopian military against Fano groups in various zones of the Amhara region approximately five to six days ago.

The Push Towards Bahir Dar

The push towards Bahir Dar began as a response to the Ethiopian military’s offensive in several zones, prompting Fano groups to advance strategically. Additionally, reports confirm that Fano fighters have successfully entered Bahir Dar from multiple directions, marking a critical development in the ongoing conflict.

Current Situation in Bahir Dar

As of the latest updates, heavy fighting is underway in some parts of the regional capital. All roads leading to Bahir Dar are reportedly closed, effectively isolating the city. The airport remains operational, posing a crucial lifeline for the military, but concerns arise as reinforcements cannot reach Bahir Dar by road due to the closures.

Strategic Moves by Fano Fighters

Fano groups comprising various brigades, such as South Gondar Fano and Gojjam Fano, operate with coordinated efforts. The entry into Bahir Dar from three different directions underscores the strategic coordination among Fano commanders. The fighters entered from the Northern side, Zanzelma, and reportedly from Kebele 14 and Kebele 11 in the southern part of Bahir Dar.

Challenges and Threats

Fano’s entry raises concerns despite the Ethiopian military’s preparations and tight security in Bahir Dar. Moreover, the roads leading to the city are blocked, and the threat to Ethiopian Airlines, a vital logistical link, adds complexity to the situation. Fano groups understand that disrupting military operations involves closing roads and targeting airports, a strategy evident in their recent actions.

Potential Targets and Outcomes

As clashes continue, potential targets for Fano fighters include Bahir Dar airport, Sabat Amit prison, and regional government offices. So, the ultimate goal remains uncertain: will Fano attempt to seize control of Bahir Dar, turn off critical infrastructure, or create a retreat for Ethiopian forces?

Government Response and Public Support

In response to the crisis, the Ethiopian military deployed many troops and police forces in Bahir Dar. Despite preparations, arrests have been made amid concerns that the local population might support Fano fighters. The military aims to prevent a rise in public support for Fano, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.


The unfolding situation in Bahir Dar demands close attention as Fano fighters aim to make strategic gains in the regional capital. Although the Ethiopian military’s response, the potential impact on civilians and Fano’s ultimate objectives remain uncertain. As the situation evolves, verified information becomes crucial, given the challenges posed by internet shutdowns and disrupted communication.

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