December 3, 2023

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Tigray forces lose ground in Afar region of Ethiopia

Tigray forces have lost ground on the Afar front. Yesterday an Al Jazeera Arabic reporter, Muhammad Taha, managed to reach Chifra town of Afar region. He confirmed that the town had come under the control of Afar militias.

During Muhammad Taha’s live reporting, sounds of gunshots were being heard in the background. Though Chifra town is under Afar control and Tigray forces have retreated but fighting is being reported to the west of Chifra town in strategic mountains along Chifra-Woldia road.

Before Chifra, Tigray forces lost Burka and Kasa Gita. Kasa Gita (Darsa Gita) town has been razed to the ground due to heavy airstrikes and drone strikes by the Ethiopian air force.

Within the past few days, Tigray forces have lost Eli Wiha, Kasa Gita, Burka, and Chifra towns in the Afar region. Tigray forces were trying to march towards a strategic road in Afar i.e. Ethiopia-Djibouti road. Much of Ethiopian exports and imports travel along this road.