July 14, 2024

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Tigray and Amhara Leaders Meet to Break Deadlock over Disputed Territories

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The public announcement of a meeting between Tigray and Amhara leaders marks a historic moment in Ethiopia’s quest for peace. This gathering, which was reported by Ethiopian state media on Saturday, signifies a departure from previous tensions and represents a genuine effort to address longstanding disputes.

Key Participants

Chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh and attended by Tigray’s interim President Getachew Reda and Amhara Regional President Arega Kebede, the meeting brought together influential figures from both regions. Their involvement underscores the seriousness of the situation and the commitment to finding mutually acceptable solutions. Redwan Hussein, the Ethiopian Intelligence Agency NISS chief also participated in the meeting.

Agenda and Objectives

Central to the discussions are issues related to the implementation of the Peace Accord and the determination of the status of disputed territories, particularly the Western and Southern zones i.e. Wolkait, Humera, Raya, Korem etc.  The two sides agreed to prioritize the return of IDPs from Tigray followed by other actions to resolve the territorial dispute.

Challenges and Hurdles

Despite the optimism surrounding the meeting, challenges remain. Accusations and counter-accusations have marred progress, and concerns persist regarding the inclusivity of the dialogue. Moreover, the absence of comprehensive representation from rebel groups and marginalized communities raises questions about the legitimacy of any agreements reached.

Path Forward

Nevertheless, the Tigray-Amhara leader’s meeting presents a significant opportunity for Ethiopia to move toward reconciliation. Moreover, with political will and diplomatic efforts driving the dialogue forward, there is hope that tangible progress can be made in resolving disputes and building a more inclusive and prosperous future for all Ethiopians.

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