June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian Universities Unable to Provide Meals to Students

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Ethiopian universities are faced with a financial challenge to feed students. At the universities, govt provides lodging and meals to students. Generally three times a day meal is served.

The allocation of budget by government for providing meals is insufficient, say universities. Govt gives 22 Birr per day per student which is far from being sufficient. Most universities are diverting funds from other heads to feed students.

Some universities say that it would be impossible to feed the students who will be accepted in September next year until next June, with the current budget. This month, Ministry of Education collected data from the universities on the number of students and the average student’s daily food expenses in the last three years but no progress so far.

Most university officials say that at least 120 birr should be allocated for daily food expenses for one student in the current living conditions.

Food inflation Ethiopia has been a major problem in recent years. While overall inflation is seeing a downward trend, food inflation is still a challenge. Rising food cost has made it impossible for Ethiopian universities to feed their students. They have been forced to request for support from local businessmen or revise food menu.

Ethiopian Finance Ministry announced this week that there will be no new projects in higher educational institutions in 2025. The officials of the ministry issued this directive after reviewing the 2025 budget plan of higher education institutions. State Minister of Finance Ayob Tekalgn informed the heads of the institutions that there will be no new projects in the next fiscal year. Read more..