July 14, 2024

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Zemene Kassie Fano commander

Zemene Kassie, Fano militia commander, warns Ethiopian govt

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Zemene Kassie

Zemene Kassie, Fano militia commander, has warned the Ethiopian government. He released three messages today in connection with ongoing military operation against Fano militia.

Amhara Fano militia is based in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Last year its fighters participated in fighting against Tigray Defense Force (TDF) when TDF launched a military offensive on the Amhara and Afar regions.

After the retreat of Tigray forces from the Amhara region late last year, Amhara regional government and Ethiopian federal government launched a campaign to bring Fano and other militias under government control. The campaign intensified this month and several Fano members and supporters were arrested. Read more..

Zemene Kassie’s house in Gojjam zone of the Amhara region of Ethiopia was surrounded by regional and federal forces last week. In Merawi city of Gojjam, security forces laid siege to his family house. Fano fighters from the neighboring towns headed towards Merawi to support the commander.

Security forces maintained their presence close to the house of Zemene Kassie but the commander could not be arrested. Reports indicate that Amhara Fano militia commanders and fighters have been visiting Eritrea for military training since last year.

In his first message shared earlier today, the Fano commander accused Ethiopian government of pushing Fano militia against the wall. He urged people of the Amhara region to unite.

In the 2nd message, he warned Ethiopian government by saying,” If the government does not solve the problem in Amhara region in peace, we will be forced to stand with our people. We urge you to give a solution immediately”.

Meanwhile Ethiopia Federal and Amhara regional governments have intensified their operation against Amahra Fano militia in the Amahra region of Ethiopia. According to Desalegn Tasew, Amhara region’s head of Security Bureau, 4000 persons have been arrested recently in the region.