June 20, 2024

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Turkish TB-2 drones changed balance of power in Ethiopian war, says a Turkish Daily

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A Turkish Daily, Yeni Safak claims that the use of Turkish TB-2 drones has turned the tables in the Ethiopian civil war. The paper says that Turkish TB-2 UAVs have changed the balance of power in favor of Ethiopian government forces.

ethiopia news

Ethiopian Federal Forces have been fighting forces of Ethiopia’s Tigray region since November 2020. In August 2021, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad visited Turkey. During the visit, some security agreements were signed too. Since then speculations have been going around that Ethiopia has purchased Turkish TB-2 drones which are in operation against Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

Though officially neither Ethiopia nor Turkey has acknowledged the use of Turkish TB-2 UAVs in the ongoing Ethiopia-Tigray conflict, Yeni Safak’s news story proves that Turkish drones are in operation in Ethiopia. Yeni Safak is known for having the strong backing of Turkish President Erdogan’s government.

Within the past few weeks, Ethiopian government forces have made territorial gains and Tigray forces have retreated from several major towns. Some experts say that it is mainly due to the use of Turkish tb-2 drones that Ethiopian government forces have recaptured major cities from Tigray forces.