June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian universities

Three Ethiopian Universities Chairmen Fired

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The chairmen of three Ethiopian universities have been fired. The presidents of Wolaita Sodo, Gambella and Mizan-Tepi universities have been removed from their positions after audit findings .

Addis Ababa University of Science and Technology, Debreberhan University and four other universities were given serious written warnings.

This was revealed when the Standing Committee on Budget and Financial Affairs of the House of Representatives reviewed the implementation of the Ministry of Finance’s nine-month plan this week.

According to the Federal Auditor General’s Office, administrative action has been taken against 13 institutions out of 24 institutions. As a result, the presidents of Wolaita Sodo, Gambella and Mizan-Tepi University have been removed from their positions.

Recently Ethiopian universities complained that funds allocated by government for feeding university students were not sufficient. Several universities changed their food menu or requested support from non governmental organizations in recent months.

In another related development, Ethiopian finance ministry announced this week that there will be no new project in higher education sector this in next fiscal year.

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