July 14, 2024

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Sudan news

Sudan: Hamdok to be reinstated as PM as Army Chief Burhan retreats

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Sudan: Ousted Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok is due to be reinstated. According to Fadalullah Nasir, head of the Sudanese Umma Party, an agreement has been reached between the Sudanese military & politicians for the reinstatement of Hamdok.

Sudan news

Abdullah Fattah Al Burhan, Sudanese Army Chief, staged a coup last month and removed civilian Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok. Burhan dissolved the cabinet and sovereignty council. He formed a new sovereignty council and appointed himself as head of the new sovereignty council which is Sudan’s top body.

Sudanese professionals’ unions and political parties rejected Al Burhan’s moves and started a street movement. Around 40 protesters have been killed so far in the use of force by Sudanese security forces against anti-coup protesters.

Who will head the sovereignty council, if Hamdok is reinstated? Burhan was due to hand over the chairmanship of the sovereignty council to PM Hamdok before the coup. But the military was not willing to relinquish the premiership of the sovereignty council.