June 20, 2024

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Galmudug Region President

Somalia: Galmudug President on mediation mission in Mogadishu

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Somalia Galmudug President
Ahmad Kariye Galmudug Regional President

The political situation in Somalia seems to be improving as mediation efforts are underway to break the existing political deadlock. Somali President Abdullahi Farmajo suspended Prime Minister Mohammed Hussein Roble last week accusing him of corruption. Prime Minister Roble rejected President Farmajo’s decision and told the President to vacate Presidential Palace and join the campaign trail for the upcoming Presidential Election.

Amhad Kariye, President of the Galmudug region in Somalia, is stepping in to resolve the political crisis. He is in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, where he has held meetings with parties to this conflict.

Earlier US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Bureau and envoys from the UK and Sweden in their statements backed Somali Prime Minister Roble, pressing for immediate conclusion of Presidential Election.

Constitutional terms of both the President and Somali Parliament have expired. The process leading to the next indirect Presidential Election is painstakingly slow.

While Prime Minister and President are locked in a stalemate, there are fears that Somali forces could be split. Thought Somali Intelligence agency chief and head of Somali army have vowed to remain neutral in the ongoing political tensions.

Can Galmudug President Ahmad Kariye’s mediation work? In the coming days, things will be clear about the outcome of this mediation.