July 14, 2024

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Senior Fano Commander Killed – Alarming Developments in Amhara Region

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In a recent development from the Amhara region, an alarming situation unfolds as the Ethiopian military reports the death of a senior Fano Commander. This news comes amidst an ongoing conflict between Fano Fighters and Ethiopian forces. Additionally, the Amhara government reveals shocking statistics about the crisis in the region, shedding light on a situation hidden from much of the Ethiopian population and the international community.

The Fallen Commander

The fallen Fano Commander, identified as Gezaheh Yette, operated in Gojjam, according to the military’s claims. Gezaheh Yette was reportedly a senior member close to the influential Fano leader, Zemene Kassie, and played a significant role in recruiting youths for Fano groups in Gojjam. While the military asserts Gezaheh Yette’s demise in an operation in Gojjam, there has been no official denial or rebuttal from Fano Fighters.

Hierarchy and Denials

Understanding the hierarchy within the Fano organization, Gezaheh Yette is categorized as a second-tier Fano Commander, influential and close to the top-tier leaders. Despite previous denials from pro-Fano sources regarding the identity of fallen individuals, Gezaheh Yette’s status as a senior Fano Commander remains unchallenged. The lack of rejection from Fano Fighters suggests that this could be a significant blow to their forces in the ongoing military operations.

Alarming Situation in Amhara Region

Beyond the news of the fallen commander, the Amhara government discloses distressing figures related to the humanitarian crisis in the region. As independent media lacks access and foreign entities are barred, the severity of the situation remains concealed from the wider Ethiopian and global audience.

Humanitarian Crisis Statistics

According to official statements, the conflict has led to the closure of 3,000 schools, affecting 2.6 million students. Moreover, 967 regional health facilities are out of operation, with a staggering 3 billion birr in losses. Unvaccinated newborns and disrupted vaccination programs, along with a significant drought, contribute to the escalating humanitarian crisis.


The situation in the Amhara region is dire, with the loss of a senior Fano Commander adding to the ongoing crisis. The impact on education, healthcare, and overall infrastructure underscores the urgency of finding a resolution. The international community’s awareness and involvement are crucial in addressing the escalating humanitarian crisis. As the conflict persists, the need for a peaceful resolution becomes increasingly apparent to prevent further deterioration in the Amhara region.

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