July 19, 2024

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safaricom ethiopia expanded 4g netowrk to more areas

Safaricom Ethiopia Expands its 4G Mobile Network to More Areas

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At the start of this month, Safaricom Ethiopia announced that they would start providing 4G mobile networks in the Tigray Region from the month of June. This is the first phase of operations in Tigray. Safaricom believes that this will help improve communication and support economic growth in the region.

In this first phase, Safaricom Ethiopia will set up its modern fourth-generation (4G) network in sixteen cities across the Tigray region. This 4G network is designed to provide excellent data services for the internet, streaming, and other online activities. Read More…

Today, Safaricom Ethiopia announced that the 4G mobile network is available in Agaro, Holeta, Welenchiti, Meki, Mechara via Gelemso to Arberekti, Jijiga, Kokomi, Dagiya, Saja, Sokoru, Maichew to Debar, Hadew, Mekele to Adi Gulom, Debreberhan, Tero Ber, Sekoru.

safaricom ethiopia expanded 4g netowrk to more areas

Safaricom has started providing its 4G mobile network services to these areas. Moreover, at the start of this month, Safaricom CEO, Wim Vanhelleputte said, “We are committed to continually enhancing our network to achieve the highest standards of quality and reliability. The telecom services launched in Tigray will play a crucial role in our mission to provide reliable connectivity throughout Ethiopia.”