July 19, 2024

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Addis Ababa Road

Road in Addis Ababa Near Hayat Hospital Closed Indefinitely

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A main road in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa is going to remain closed from tomorrow. No time duration has been announced about the road closure. It seems that the road will remain closed indefinitely.

In connection with the Corridor work in Addis Ababa, the road leading from the intersection to Bole after the Hayat Hospital will be closed to any type of vehicle from tomorrow, June 29, 2024, for an indefinite period of time from 12:00 am all day and night.

The Traffic Management Authority of the city has appealed to motorists to use the right turns before and near the Hyatt Hospital.

Addis Ababa Corridor Project is road infrastructure expansion project which has been launched to widen existing roads and connect the existing roads with main facilities like airport etc.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed yesterday inaugurated Mexico-Sar Bet Avenue, built as part of the Addis Ababa City Corridor Development Project.

“Today, we revealed the second corridor area from Mexico to Sar Bet, marking a key milestone in our city-building efforts. Enhancing infrastructure, workmanship, walkways, and vehicle paths are essential to our urban growth,” he said on a social media post.

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