July 19, 2024

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operation of police of addis ababa

Police of Addis Ababa Seize Fake Plates, Phones and Illegal Drugs

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The police of Addis Ababa announced the results of a 15-day operation conducted from June 12 to June 26, 2024, to prevent crime and control criminal activity in the city. During this operation, the police made several significant arrests and seizures.

The police of Addis Ababa arrested individuals for preparing fake license plates with stickers to aid criminal activities. They seized computers, laptops, flashlights, and cameras used in this operation. The police also arrested people illegally manufacturing and distributing medicines in 24 condominiums in the Bole sub-city. They seized 169 illegal drugs, 40 glucose units, and equipment like printers and laptops used for the illegal production.

The police of Addis Ababa recovered over 700 mobile phones from criminals who used motorcycles to commit crimes. In an operation targeting the illegal trade of stolen goods, the police seized 108 laptops, 6 computers, 11 cameras, 2 TVs, and other electronic items. The police also confiscated 2 firearms with 120 bullets, 67 pistols with 568 bullets, and 2 other weapons during an operation to control the illegal transfer of arms.

The police stated that they will continue their efforts to crack down on thieves, criminals, and those involved in the illegal trade of stolen goods, as these activities are fueling the spread of crime in the city.

Last week, Addis Ababa Police arrested four suspects for stealing mobile phones from individuals and operating a shop to repair the stolen phones. The arrests occurred in the Bole sub-city, Woreda 14 area, on June 11, 2024, during an operation to control illegal development activities. Read More…