April 16, 2024

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Oromia Awelu Abdi

Oromia Prosperity Party leader warns Fano groups

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The ongoing tensions between Adis Ababa, Amhara, and Oromia have reached a critical juncture. Oromia, a pivotal region in the conflict, has warned Fano Fighters, a group with Adis Ababa as its stated goal. The situation has been tense for the past year, and the recent statement from a top Oromia official, Awelu Abdi, the Deputy President of the region, adds a new layer of complexity.

The Message from Awelu Abdi

Awelu Abdi, a prominent figure in the Prosperity Party and Oromia’s Deputy President, has delivered a solid message to Fano Fighters. Moreover, in a circulated clip, he unequivocally stated that no one from the north, south, east, or west could pass through Oromia to reach Adis Ababa. Additionally, this declaration underscores the region’s commitment to preventing any incursion that threatens its stability.

Strategic Position

Situated between Adis Ababa and Amhara, Oromia plays a crucial role in the potential movement of Fano Fighters towards their target. Moreover, Awelu Abdi’s message reflects the region’s awareness of the gravity of the situation and its determination to safeguard its territory.

Potential Scenarios

The warning raises questions about the possible scenarios that could unfold. Will Oromia allow Fano Fighters to pass through its territory to capture Adis Ababa? Alternatively, could Amharas in Adis Ababa support Fano Fighters if they manage to enter the city? The situation remains uncertain, and the dynamics between Oromia, Fano Fighters, and Adis Ababa will undoubtedly shape the course of events.

Ethnic Dimensions

Awelu Abdi’s statement hints at the potential ethnic dimensions of the conflict. Additionally, if Fano Fighters manage to advance, the conflict could transform into a purely ethnic war between Oromo and Amhara communities. Such a development would have far-reaching consequences, extending beyond Oromia and risking the safety of Oromos in Amhara and vice versa.

Uphill Task for Fano Fighters

Awelu Abdi’s assertion that no one will be allowed to pass through Oromia underscores Fano Fighters’ challenges in reaching Adis Ababa. Moreover, Oromia boasts the most significant regional force, including the Oromo Liberation Army, Ethiopian National Defense Force, intelligence agencies, and militias. The prospect of a military incursion becomes an uphill task for Fano Fighters, even if they gain control of the Amhara region.


Oromia’s warning adds a layer of complexity to the already intricate conflict in Ethiopia. As tensions escalate, the strategic position of Oromia and its commitment to preventing external threats will undoubtedly influence the unfolding events in this multifaceted struggle for control and power.