June 20, 2024

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Massive protests in Sudan to mark 3 years since the removal of long time ruler Omar al Bashir

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Massive protests are underway in Sudan today. In the Sudanese capital Khartoum, neighbor city Omdurman and in other major towns, thousands are taking to the streets to mark the 3rd anniversary of the removal of long-time Sudanese dictator Omar al Bashir.

Sudanese military led by General Al Burhan staged a coup at the end of October this year and civilian Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok was put under house arrest. Protests erupted in the wake of the military takeover. Later General Burhan signed an agreement with PM Hmadok who was reinstated as the PM.

But protesters rejected the agreement and protests have been going on since then. Protesters want the Sudanese military to stop interfering in politics and they want it to be held accountable for its past excesses against protesters. Poor economic conditions leading to rising fuel and bread prices have intensified the ongoing demonstrations.

Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok today said that Sudan’s stability was in danger and there must be a political agreement to save the country.